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[75.6a] Roof Vent (Skylight)

Skylight Roller fix
From: Gerald Masar
Model/Type:  All with skylight
Bentley Page(s):  75.6a-75.7
FileDownload:  Large Picture
Symptom(s):  broken skylight rollers

After leaving the skylight up on my '90 Westy and trying to drive into the garage one too many times, the rollers on the ends of the lifter arms needed to be fixed. Here is what I did, based largely on Terry K.'s fix for the problem.

Parts list:
2 nylon bi-fold door top guide/pivots.
2 10/32 x 1/2 or 3/4" machine screws (with the flattest heads you can find) and two nylock nuts.
2 nylon washers. These are optional. I couldn't find any the size I needed, so I had to make the hole larger
and the outer diameter smaller. I put these between the lifter arm and the slotted track.

Remove the screw holding the knob on and remove knob.
Pull off the plastic covers and remove the 4 8mm nuts and washers plus the smaller screw and nut
above the knob.
Remove the plastic cover over the lifter mechanism. Don't lose the spacer washers under the outer ends.
Remove the lifter.
Drill out the old rivets and rollers.
Enlarge the holes in the ends of the arms slightly to take 10/32 screws (or use smaller screws).
Cut the two pivots as shown in the photo, to 1/4" long. Actually, a little less is better. This and the flat screw
screw heads ensure they will not hit the nuts holding the slotted track to the skylight. If they do, you can
mark the point on the nut, remove it and file it down a little.

The optional method uses two flanged nylon bushings, one inside the other, and cut down to 1/4" or less.
The sizes for these two are:
Large one: flange diam.=17/32"; I.D.=1/4"; length=11/32".
Small one: flange diam.=13/32"; I.D.=3/16"; length=11/32".


The flanges will not fit through the enlarged part of the track, so things must be assembled in place.

Replace the lifter mechanism and knob and raise the arms to about the mid point.
Insert the screw through the hole in the arm, then the slotted track, put the new roller on, small end first and then the nylock nut.

You will have to use an off-set screwdriver to hold the screw while you tighten the nut. Do not tighten too much; roller must be free to turn.

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