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[76.20] Sink cabinet, removing

Sink/stove removal proceedure
From: Malcolm Stebbins
Year(s):  1986 - 1991?
Model/Type:  Vanagon Camper
Bentley Page(s):  76.20
Symptom(s):  stove or sink repair

In my post about stripping everything out of my Canadian 91 Westy, I was
asked about my procedure for removing the sink/stove top. I particular like to
remove this so as to gain better access when removing the fridge. Here

1) Get some masking tape (or baggies or jars) and a pen. Use this to wrap
all screws and nut/bolts and LABEL them. Also use it to label all wires -
maybe my brain is addled, but several days later - I can't remember what
was screwed to what.

2) Remove the camper fuses - on the driver's side door pillar behind the
driver's seat. Turn off the outside propane valve (at the tank) and light the
stove to burn the fuel in the line.

3) Removal of the sink/stove cover lid - easy. Unscrew the bolts that hold
each end. The left hand side has a two stage nut system with washers on
either side of the flange holing the top. Remove and label the nuts/bolts.

4) Removal of the metal face plate: there are three small screws that screw
up! into the bottom of the face plate from the front of the cabinet (look up at
the bottom of the face plate from below); extreme right and left sides and one
about middle. unscrew and label. Screwed in from the right hand panel
(front of van) of the cabinet (the panel facing forward in the van and behind the
driver's seat) is a covered screw about 1 inch back from the front of the
cabinet - level with the face plate. Also another one opposite that one
screwed in from the right side of the cabinet (side facing the rear/back of van
just above the storage cabinet).

Pull off the stove knobs, unscrew the large dough-nut bolts that are behind
the stove knobs. (I used a pair of pliers for this). unscrew and label.

Unscrew the two screws holding the water tank level lights (and battery
condition lights). remove the face plate and push the plastic part (with the
guts) back under the stove.

The front face plate is difficult to remove, Pull away the bottom first - only an
inch or so, then slide it down. The bottom lip of the stove top (as it curles
over the edge down into the face plate) goes down into a channel in the face
plate, so be careful !

Now there are two more screws that hold down the front of the stove knob
bracket assembly. unscrew and label.

5) Look behind the stove, (left side of the van) just below the window, there
is a swiss-cheese metal covering going the length of the stove top. In about
the middle, there is a rivet or screw holding it tight to the stove top, remove
the rivet (drill it out). You can replace it with a nut and bolt or another rivet
upon re-installation.

6) on the right hand side (and top) of the cabinet just above the sink, there is a rubber moulding along the top. It is held in place by friction (pressure) and can be pulled up/out just enough to get the sink out. (There is also a
bracket coming from the right side face (front of van) up the outside of the
cabinet (near the side of the van) and up and over the top - this held the cover
hinge. It is not necessary to remove this bracket, but you can, and it is a
PITA as the bolts are up under and behind the sink trap.) Now as you work
the rubber moulding off the side be CAREFUL as there is a small plastic filler
piece just as the moulding turns the corner and goes down the front of the
cabinet. You can leave the moulding on the left top side.

7) Turn off the outside propane valve - and light the stove. (put out your
cancer stick too) get two open ended wrenches and remove the propane lead
to the stove - follow the pipes.

8) While your under there, get a bucket and then remove the two water feeds
to the faucet. Be careful not to crack the faucet flanges!!. Better to cut the
hoses off than to break the faucet flanges!!!! If you cut, plan your cut so that
you can splice in a repair later. I broke the exterior water mains flange on
the faucet some time ago (I never use it so I don't much care - but you
might). Also unscrew and drain plug from the sink trap - or the floor end.

Your just about ready to remove the sink/stove. Raise the right side and
work it out around the obstacles, the left side just slips out.

While it is out, you might consider taking out that swiss-cheese metal cover
that runs the length and if it is rusted, wire brush it down to bare metal and
spray it with rust-inhibitor paint and then I used shoe paint to put on the top
coat as I found a perfect grey colour match. Same for the metal face plate
and the side access plate to the rear of the fridge, the cover at the bottom of
the fridge and the arm holding on the sink/stove covers.

So I think that's it.

Re-install in reverse order - I hate it when people say that :-)

And now you know why you labelled all of the tiny screws and wires!!

Any additions or corrections, I'd be glad to hear.

Good luck. Malcolm S

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