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1986-1988 Vanagon/Syncro

Color Combinations Vanagon Syncro
08.01.1985 >> 31.07.86 F 24/25-G-000-001 -> 24/25-G-175-000

..Comb. No..
Body Exterior Color Paint Upholstery Combination 245-
Description Code CLOTH 253 255 GL
---------------------- ------ ------------------------ --- --- --
Medium Blue LH5G Saiga(beige) M609 UH - UR
Pastel White L90D Balearic(blue) M609 - - US
Bast Beige LL1M Black/Silver KX ZW UT
Timor Beige LH8T Van Dyck(brown) - ZF -
Light Grey L345
Merian Brown LA8A 253
Marine Blue LA5B CORD +255
White L084 ------------------------ --- --- --
Tungsten Grey Metallic LH7U Saddle Brown HM - -
Savanna Beige Metallic LH1V Saddle Brown 14 - -
Bronze Beige Metallic LH8U
Flash Silver Metallic LP7Y 245-
Dove Grey Metallic LH5U LEATHERETTE 253 255 GL
------------------------ --- --- --
Roof Exterior Colors Van Dyck(brown) - QG -
---------------------- ------ Black LL PA -
Capri Blue LK5E Saiga(brown) - QC -
Tuscany Beige LT1M
Timor Beige LH8T

Wheel Disc Code
---------------------- ------
Rally Black LAD 003 C00

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