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30 - 50 3rd Gear Challenge

The Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? This is not a competition but an attempt to get baseline figures of performance for different Vanagon types, engines, mods, years etc.
It's quite simple if you want to participate.
1. Make sure your vehicle is reasonably empty.
2. Find a flat section of road (no cheating).
3. Drive in 3rd gear at a steady 30 mph.
4. Time full-throttle acceleration from a steady 30 mph to 50 mph with a stop watch.
5. Email the results to with "30-50 challenge" in the subject line and your information as in the table below.
P.S. There are no unimportant results. If your time is same as someone else's, submit anyway for statistics' sake. Necessary evil disclaimer: Try at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any blown engines, accidents or disappointments. Death or serious injury may occur.

Click the link below to see the results to date:
30 - 50 Challenge    Updated 10.13.09

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