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72.4-72.5-Armrests- Remove, Install, Tighten

Tighten loose armrests
From: Chris Jordan
Year(s):  82-86 87-91
Model/Type:  Vanagon
Bentley Page(s):  72.4 - 72.6
Symptom(s):  Loose Armrests

n a message dated 3/2/05 10:06:19 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Taobythesea@AOL.COM writes:

> My armrest on my Capt chair is loose as a goose on my 87 Westy. Do you
> know if you can tighten them up? I

How to tighten vanagon armrests:

82-86 capt chair armrests:
remove plastic plug in armrest and remove allen bolt.

slide armrest off shaft.

tighten smaller allen bolts that hold shaft to the seatback. if a bolt head has sheared off, leaving the threaded shaft in the hold, you need to use a needlenose pliers and carefully move back the vinyl so you can get to the back side of the sheared off bolt.

continue to TIGHTEN the bolt - all the way, and
the whole bolt will eventually come out thru the backside.

then you just replace with a new allen bolt, or slotted bolt (metric) avaialbe at your local hardware store or i have some.

***Note: before installing armrest back on shaft, place a few drops of oil on
the shaft to ease installation and to prevent rust which could make the
armrest sieze up on the shaft..

'87 -'91 adjustable armrests:
the '87 up capt. chair armrests are put on with a set pin.

use your fingers and compress foam on the armrest between armrest and
seatback, so you can see the set pin. you might need a small flashlight you can hold in your mouth while you do this.

you will need a centerpunch just under the diameter of the set pin, or a large framing nail just under the diameter of the set pin with the tip flattened to use as a centerpunch.

the setpin will be sticking out more on one side of the shaft. use your
centepunch and tap the set pin out on the side opposite to the side its sticking
out the most.

****NOTE: you must put a credit card or putty knife between the set pin and
vinyl armrest to guide it out so it doesnt get hung up on the vinyl, or the
set pin will gouge/tear the armrest vinyl when you are punching it out.

once setpin is out, slide the armrest off the shaft.

tighten or replace the little allen bolts that hold the shaft to the seatback as per the instructions for the '82-'86 armrests.

apply drop of oil to shaft, then lightly tap setpin in place in the armrest
socket, and line it up with the corresponding hole in the armrest shaft. this
is a pain in the ass. so have patience. i usually put another framing nail
of the same diameter in the bottom hole opposite of the hole your'e tapping
the setpin into, to line them up.

once you got the setpin started in the whole, do not tap it in all the way,
only as much as it was originally tapped in.


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