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By the Bentley

Bleed Cooling System
From:  Jim Arnott
Model/Type:  All water cooled Vanagons
Bentley Page(s):  19.16-19.17
Symptom(s):  Air in Cooling System

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 22:45:50 -0800 Jim Arnott writes:

Here's how it's done. (per Bentley pgs. 19.16-19.17)

1. raise front end about 40 cm (15 3/4 in.)

2. set heater control to max heat

3. open control valve for rear heater

4. remove grill

5. open bleeder screw on passenger side top of radiator

6. open bleeder valve at front of engine compartment (on black plastic
fitting with 4 large radiator hoses connecting to it. ED NOTE: THERMOSTAT on Late Models)
7. fill coolant until expansion tank the one on the left, NOT the
overflow tank on the right.) is full (approx. 4-5 liter (4.25-5.3 US qt.))
8. start engine

9. at approx. 2000 rpm fill expansion tank until coolant flows from bleeder
screw in radiator bubble free (it takes two people!)
10. add coolant until expansion tank is full and close tank with cap

11. turn ignition off and start engine again after about 20 seconds

12. raise engine speed to approx. 2000 rpm and open cap of expansion tank

13. close bleeder screw on radiator when coolant flows out (need that friend again!)

14. add coolant if necessary and close tank

15. close bleeder screw in engine compartment

16. turn engine off

17. top up overflow tank

18. reinstall grill

19. lower front end

20. drive for a couple days and keep an eye on the coolant level. (my
suggestion, not VW's)

Jim Arnott
Union, OR

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