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Changing the LED

Notes on Changing the LED
From: Paul Guzyk
Model/Type:  All Campers
Symptom(s):  LED out or hard to see

From: Vanagon Mailing List [mailto:vanagon@GERRY.VANAGON.COM] On Behalf Of
Paul Guzyk
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: I got my frig to light -- LED change procedure:

>>Never did see the #$%^&&** sight glass. The LED light will changed out
>>tonight, using the Blue LED 276-316 from Rip-Off shack

Here's a few notes if you are new to changing LED's. You need a
little experience with soldering but that's about it:

1) Remove the LED panel with the two small phillips screws.

2) Pull out the entire panel about 12" then disconnect the large
white electrical connecter. Do the rest of the work on a comfortable

3) Carefully pull out the grommet that holds the wire bundle so you
can pull the circuit board away from the enclosure.

4) Mark the Propane LED area of the circuit board (front and back)
with a Sharpie. The propane LED is in the row of 4, farthest away
from the toggle switch. By marking the circuit board, you won't make
the mistake of changing out the water level LED.

5) Remove the old LED by heating both solder pads simultaneously and
pulling it out with small pliers. Or use de-soldering braid (Radio
Shack 64-2090) or other "solder sucker" to remove the solder first.

6) Keep the white spacer ring under the LED, you'll need it with the new

7) Make sure the holes are clear so you can insert the new LED. You
can heat up both pads with the soldering iron and insert the new LED
that way, but it's easier if the holes are already clear.

8) When inserting the new LED, don't forget the White spacer and
don't forget to insert it with correct polarity. If you look
carefully at the bottom of the LED, it looks like a "D", one part of
the circle is flat. Just match that to the others when you insert
it. You can also see the anode and cathode posts through the
plastic. They will have similar orientation to the other LEDs in the
board. Background of LEDs is here:

9) Make sure the LED is centered compared to the others and close to
the board with the spacer. Solder it in.

10) Cut the excess LED wires.

11) Hook up the panel to the electrical connector. Let it dangle for now.

12) Test the fridge LED.

13) Once you confirm it works, install the grommet and screw
everything back into place.

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