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D. M. - Vacuum Systems

Doktor Tim

This is a series of submittals addressing basic Maintenance Repair and Restoration of
European Vehicles, all of which owe homage to the German Engineering Philosophy,
hereinafter refered to as the Deutsches Methode (DM).

All Porsche air cooled designs, including of course VW, can be provided the best long
term economy by understanding the mind of the good Doktor Porsche and others of the
German technical schools who practice the DM. The DM of course is also relevant to the
Wasserleaker design.

Today we give you the quick and simple test for vacuum leaks.

Visually inspect the cloth braided hoses. When you bend the hose does it break into
pieces and fall into the motor??? Replace it. Yeah, and pick out all those loose pieces
of hose so they don't end up jammed into the cylinder fins creating a hot spot and
warping a cylinder or ring or three.

Does bending of the hose show reasonable flexibility but the ends are frayed and
cracking??? Pull the end off and snip 12.31459mm off of it and stick it back on it's
fitting. Not long enough now??? Replace it. Ohh, did you check the other end??? Now not
long enough??? Replace it.

The now too short flexible hoses can be used for to replace the shorter better fittin'
ones that fell to pieces into the cylinders because they were 15 years old and you had
the spark plugs out due to another unrelated inspection procedure going on
simultaneously with the current one which is not the DM.

Ok, fixed all the obviously delapidated hard carbon rubber remnants??? On to the quick
test, which should be done first, which serves to illustrate that you should read the
complete procedure through before beginning which is the DM.

Hook up your digital tach. Don't have one? Get one. Just ain't got the scratch right now
here handy??? Use your ears. Prepare for an ethereal experiance. Extinguish all open
flames in the immediate vicinity before proceeding. Start the motor. Rev it a little to
burn and blow the hose carbon remants out the valves if you didn't use the DM and didn't
remove the heads to remove the exuvie that you let fall into the cylinders because you
hadn't yet understood the DM.

While idling veryify there are no occasional sparks arcing between the 15 year old HT
wires because they serve very well to ignite ether as well as gas and you don't need
compression to ignite ether. Using common Starting Fluid, ether, spray a little at each
hose end, manifold flange, intake duct, injector seal, etc. See on the tach or hear with
your ear a rise in RPM following any particular squirt and what you were squirting at is
sucking wind. If it is leaking very little the ear can't hear but the tach will show it
fer sur and you can fix that too before you breakdown on the way San Jose, which is not
the DM.

On the FI models, push and pull at that big rubber S duct while spraying behind it. They
have a propensity to get oily on the lower backside and develop cracks. If you got them
all together, they could form a special interest group.

If you have thus VERIFIED all leaky regions, feedback to the beginning and start the
visual inspection, which serves to illustrate.....

SAFETY NOTES: If you don't like breathing ether, every 2 or 3 squirts, come back out and
take a coupla big breaths. If you do like breathing ether, I rely on your prudence to
not damage yourself by making some silly mistake which is not the DM.

Doktor Tim
Maintenance Repair and Restoration of European Vehicles
San Juan Island, WA

Doktor Tim can be reached at doktortim(at)

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