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Front Door Screens

Make screens for the front doors!
Year(s):  All
Model/Type:  Any
Bentley Page(s):  n/a

From:  John Meeks

Symptom(s):  Bugs in your too hot van


1/2" Magnetic strip with one sticky side. Got mine from a fabric place.

couple of yards of NYLON screen

Hot Glue or acrylic caulk


This is easy... lay out the magnetic tape, sticky side out, around the window.

Cut to fit. It's easiest to ignore the wing, just run it down the wing post.

Cut screen a couple of inches larger than needed to cover the window.

Peel paper backing off the magnetic strip.

Carefully press the screen onto the strip. The sticky strip will hold it.

Hot glue or caulk all around, and let it dry. Hot glue is much faster.

Trim off the excess screen.


Head out to the swamp for a test camp!

Screen stores flat over the engine lid.

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