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Locks - removal, cleaning and lubricating

Vanagon LockSmithery 101

This information is the next step which is the removal, cleaning and lubricating the actual lock tumblers from the four door handles plus the locking gas cap.

Front Doors: After removal of the handle from the front door(s), remove the tumbler by driving out a very fine split pin found only after the portion of the handle normally situated inside the door is thoroughly cleaned. I used a small hammer and a plastic headed bulletin board push pin to start moving the split pin followed by the smallest drill bit I own used as a drift to get the pin out far enough to grab it with pliers. If you have not had a lock tumbler apart, leave a key in the tumbler when you remove it from the handle. The key prevents the brass leaves and very tiny springs from falling out.

Thoroughly clean the tumbler. I used both CLR, reccomended by a locksmith friend, and brake clean to get rid of the decades of crud. Note: It is important to keep all of the brass leaves in the correct location. Lube the tumbler assembly with a small quantity of white lithium grease and reassemble.

Sliding Door: The tumbler is held in the handle by a very small, slotted, set screw. Use a flat jewelers screwdriver to remove it. Clean and reassemble. Note: Do not reinstall the set screw too deep or it will bind the lock.

Tailgate: The tumbler is held in by a split pin slightly larger than the one on the front door locks. Drive it out, clean and reassemble.

Locking Gas Cap: The big split pin is very obvious on the inside plastic cone. Drive it out, clean, lubricate then reassemble.

Now with new keys cut to the key code, and clean tumblers, all of the locks will work very smoothly.

Lewis McFarlane, 1986 Westfalia, Victoria BC

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