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Push Rods, Installing

Installing push rods
From: Scott Daniel
Year(s):  All
Model/Type:  Vanagon
Symptom(s):  Install Heads, Valve Clatter

"The clatter and power loss was traced back to a badly seated pushrod (or
two) . Next time I put head gaskets on an engine on the bench I will be
sure to do the valve adjustment then and there; it would have been a lot
easier that way."

As you may have discovered, it's fairly easy to not have a push rod seated
exactly in place.
With the engine on an engine stand, you can put gravity in your favor, and
when doing it in the van, ...........there's a little trick to reach down
the push rod tube some with a small screw driver, and left the push rod up
to where it belongs, seated in the middle of the lifter. Then take a very
small light, and *look* down in there to visually confirm it's seated
properly in the middle of the lifter. . Cranking the engine on the starter
with a push rod out of place can even bend the pushrod. If I'm just doing
heads, sometimes I leave the engine in the van.

As for adjusting the lifters on the work bench .....if they are all
perfectly pumped up, fine, but usually ............I would expect to be able
to adjust them somewhat, even the non-pumped up ones, but ultimately, it's
good to re-do the rocker arm adjustments after it's been running a while -
that way they are more likely to be pumped up properly, and thus easier then
to be sure you have them just adjusted right.

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