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Recipe for Performance

From: Robert Lilley
Year(s):  86-91
Model/Type:  2.1 L
FileDownload:  Rebuild1.txt
FileDownload:  Rebuild2.txt
FileDownload:  Rebuild2a.txt
Symptom(s):  Engine Rebuild

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 21:23:34 PDT

Sender: Vanagon Mailing List
From: Robert Lilley


First Make sure FI is working correctly

-K&N drop in Air filter
-Bosch Platinum 4 electrode plugs
-Redline synthetic oil (I have a new engine and I am using 5w-30, if
your engine is high mileage, use 10w30 or 10w40)
-Clip on Aluminum valve covers

Bolt On:
-Super Turbo muffler (or another high flow muffler. I have looked at the S&S headers and did not use them, pipes thin and inadequate bracing)
-Monza Single tip resonator- exits the rear straight with a 15 degree bend down
-Solid rocker shafts
-Cromoly Push Rods cut to fit
-1.25 ratio Rhino rocker arms
-Rhino swivel feet
-Aluminum clip on valve covers (allows for larger lifts without hitting the stock valve cover and added cooling for the heads),
-Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

The above can be done and @10 to 15 HP can be added
****ESTIMATED actual results may vary


-Counter weight crank.
-Rebuilt rods
-Full race balance: All rotating parts as a unit, rods, pistons, pulley, crank, flywheel, pressure plate
-Blueprinted stock oil pump: (gear end clearance set to .00, chamfered (squared) oil inlet and exit (inside pump) to allow for increased flow and pressure.
-New AMC Heads with German valves (SPANISH VALVES PULL OUT THE KEEPERS),

-Cromoly spring retainers
-Cromoly keepers
-Racing valve keepers
-3 Angle valve on seats, two angle on valves
-Modified cam shaft: slight increase of stock lift and duration
-New German lifters
-Racing clutch bolts
-Ceramic coat: Combustion chamber, exhaust: (valve, radius, stem, port), piston top and side, sealing surface (eliminate head corrosion
problem), entire exhaust system.
-Match port complete exhaust system, intake runners to head intake

The above will boost to estimated 130HP
****ESTIMATED actual results may vary

I built the above engine for my 88 Vanagon and I now have better acceleration and gas mileage has increased to 22mpg to 26mpg.

The best thing about my engine is it all bolted in without having to modify anything except the muffler brackets a little.

TOTAL COST FOR THE ENGINE UPGRADES and Rebuilding was less than $3000
In my rebuild I used new head bolts, flywheel bolts, I had my stock cam reground and used my pistons(they were in excellant shape)

I have eliminated the corrosion problem and the lack of power problem and
increased the reliability and life ALL FOR LESS THAN AN ENGINE CONVERSION!


-European Five speed transaxle with 1-4 same as stock Vanagon with a . 77
overdrive fifth gear
-Weld clutch forks


H&R Springs
G-MAX Sway bars Front- 1" Rear 7/8" with urethane bushings
15" Rims
205x65x15 performance tires
Larger vented rotors and calipers

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