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Door Locks

removal of all exterior locks and handles
From: Tabe Johnson
Year(s):  All
Model/Type:  Vanagon
Symptom(s):  key or lock codes

This message is for the archives, and covers key or lock codes and
removal of all exterior locks and handles.

It has been written up well by several others, especially
Steve S. and Ron S. but I thought I would summarize. I always
do searches by subject in hopes I will get the most relevant
messages. Maybe someone else will one day too.

Okay... So...

To get a new key, you need your key code. This is a four digit
code stamped on original locks. If you have a replacement lock,
the number might not be stamped on it. On my van, the numbers
were clearest on the sliding door handle and the rear hatch. The
front door handle codes were impossible to see due to corrosion
of the casting. The code is also on the ignition lock but I didn't
take that apart this time.

To remove the rear hatch, open the hatch and unscrew the three allen
head bolts that hold the rotating hatch latching assembly to the
hatch. This will allow you to remove the hatch latching assembly
from the bottom of the hatch. You can then turn the lock cylinder
and pull it out through the inside of the hatch, through the hole
the hatch latching assembly was in. The code is stamped on the
arm which touches the latch assembly. It is the forwardmost part
of the lock cylinder.

To remove the sliding door handle, remove the phillips screw that holds
the interior door handle in place. Next, you have to remove the front
part of the inside door panel, enough so you can get to the area
behind the sliding door handle. You can use a screwdriver to lever
out the plastic pins that keep the inside door panel in place.
Use a rag to protect the paint under the screwdriver. Move the
sliding door handle while watching the area you just exposed. You'll
see a philips screw moving when you turn the door handle. Loosen that
screw. Mine was frozen. Rather than stripping the head, I used an
impact driver (worth its weight in gold, or $7.99, whichever) to
loosen the screw. Once that screw is out (don't lose it!) the exterior
sliding door handle will pull right out. It might need some wiggling.
The code is stamped on the square part of the sliding door handle, which
is normally buried in the middle of the sliding door.

To remove either door handle, open the door. As close to the rear of the
door handle as possible, pull the rubber weatherstripping inboard, toward
the centre of the van. You will see a large philips screw on the bottom
of the door latch assembly, in line with the door handle. There's a
convenient cutout in the sheet metal to put a screwdriver or impact driver
through. Hold the weatherstripping aside if necessary with one hand and
remove this screw with the other. Push the door handle forward. The
whole thing should move about 10mm (3/8") forward. Pull the rearmost
part of the handle (where the key goes) outward, then slide the handle
rearward again to get the front part of the handle out. The code is
stamped on a flat face on one of the two arms which actuate the lock
mechanism when the key is turned. When the handle assembly is in
place in the door, these two arms are the most inboard part of the

Happy locking and unlocking everyone!

tabe johnson/87 westy/vancouver bc

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